• Ia Statul La Intrebari

    Ia Statul La Intrebari - Web App

    Ai dreptul sa pui intrebari autoritatilor potrivit Legii 544 privind liberul acces la informatiile de interes public.
    Ia Statul La Intrebari

  • AERIE Hungry Run

    AERIE Hungry Run - Mobile Game

    Do you like hard games? Challenge accepted!
    Feed AERIE and avoid obstacles in the same time. How hard can it be, right?
    Enjoy the ride. If you can! :D

  • AERIE Save Yourself

    AERIE Save Yourself - Mobile Game

    AERIE has just learned to fly. Guide AERIE out of the mystical woods.
    Use gusts of wind from the clouds to help AERIE avoid incoming obstacles and reach new heights.
    How far can you help AERIE go?

  • Underwater Adventures

    Underwater Adventures - Mobile Game

    Underwater Adventures is a game and an internal project. It was created from our passion for mobile game development and design. We invested a lot of work and time, but the results are great. As the game is adventurous, exciting, fun and perfect even for adults, in the future we plan to make it very popular.

  • Senna One-Page Html5 Template

    Senna One-Page Html5 Template - Template For Sale

    Senna is a minimalist one-page HTML5 website template featuring exceptional page-load performance.
    Minimalism describes movements in various forms of art and design, especially visual art and music, where the work is set out to expose the essence or identity of a subject through eliminating all non-essential forms, features or concepts. Minimalism is any design or style in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect. The considerations for essences are light, form, detail of material, space & human condition.

  • MetricsHub

    MetricsHub - Logo Design

    We had the pleasure to create the MetricsHub logo. A great logo means more than displaying a name or a symbol. A high-quality logo establishes the identity of a company and boosts the brand. Through our logo design, MetricsHub created a long-term positive impression in the minds of the existing and potential clients.

  • BrandYou Consulting

    BrandYou Consulting - Logo & Web Design

    Logo and web design definitely make the difference for any type of business. Especially for a brand consulting company which has to be a role model at this chapter. BrandYou Consulting Group trusted and chose us for this very important project for the company. It was a nice challenge for us!

  • Hagebaumarkt

    Hagebaumarkt - Flash Game

    Hagebaumarkt�s products were promoted through a custom flash game created in collaboration with ghostcompany.
    The site www.gute-nachbarschaft.at/ is the promotional platform of Hagebaum�rkte, a chain of building centers in Austria. The game "unlaublich" attracted thousands of players in a very short period of time. The game we developed entertains Hagebaumarkt�s target audience and markets its products.

  • Johnson & Johnson Medical

    Johnson & Johnson Medical - Interactive Magazine

    Together with ghostcompany we have developed a custom interactive magazine for Johnson&Johnson, one of the most important health care products manufacturing companies. This is also the landing page for periodic e-mailings. And how do we make e-mailings successful?
    By staging them and give the information an exciting surrounding. Target group: purchasers of chirurgical material in hospitals. Through our work we helped people know more about the latest Johnson&Johnson health care products and technologies, enhancing even the smallest details of them.

  • B|Braun Sharing Expertise

    B|Braun Sharing Expertise - Interactive Magazine

    Our team in collaboration with ghostcompany created a custom interactive magazine for B|Braun - Sharing Expertise. In this case, B|Braun broke new grounds in the field of pharmaceutical communication: a fully animated, flash-based informative website which is built up modular and has an integrated CMS. And these new paths are very successful so long. The target groups are physicians, the nursing staff and purchasers of hospitals. The magazine presents a wide variety of products and technologies from B|Braun - Sharing Expertise - one of the largest medical device manufacturers. We are glad that thanks to our work, the magazine won the �Best of Pharma Advertising� prize at the Goldenen Skalpelle, Vienna.

  • Tantum Verde

    Tantum Verde - Flash Game

    The effects of a marketing campaign can be enhanced also through a custom flash game. In collaboration with ghostcompany we created a custom flash game that increases Tantum Verde product awareness. The total performance of the German Tantum Verde campaign is very good - and the website is certainly a strong tool/part of this campaign. The flash-based animations and the game show the positive effect of the drug Tantum Verde on patients in an impressive and also informative, but not boring way. The target group are physicians. Plus, anyone has the opportunity to learn more about different Tantum Verde products and interact with the brand.

  • Tuitty Fruity Town

    Tuitty Fruity Town - Flash Game

    Even if you don't see any connection between an obesity prevention program and flash game development, we proved that there is. Our client WGG NONPROFIT established an obesity prevention program for kids called Get Fit, Stay Fit. To communicate the messages about a healthy life and diet in a fun, easy and interactive way, our client asked us to create a game. The game is simple, easy to understand by kids and involves game and character design. We were happy to help kids become aware of their health through our custom flash game and avoid obesity from an early age.

  • Labush

    Labush - iOS Mobile Game

    Providing high-quality solutions involves experience, skills, continuous learning and challenge. To be able to call ourselves 'professionals', we always test our skills and learn new things. The same was with our mobile game development project - Labush. It involved mobile game development, web and character design. For this internal project we learned the Starling Engine framework.