Game Script – More Than Writing A Story. Discover Some Helpful Tips!

Game script writing has become a popular field as online games have developed a lot. As a consequence, many people are trying to become game scrip specialists. But how do you start a game script? Before reading the following tips for writing a game script, you have to know that your ideas go beyond the usual realm of writing. Nonetheless, writing a game script can be a very interesting and creative activity.

Game Script Writing Process – Some Basics

Firstly, you have to know that writing a game script is similar to writing a movie script. You need a story, dialogue, characters, background music, planning the mood and the dialogue. You should write an overview of the general story of the game in prose. It can have a few pages and it has to tell a unique story from the opening scene and then goes through the major steps until the game completes. Keep in mind when writing a game script that today games are more complex, with complicated stories, challenges, adventures and a lot of decisions to make. You could send this story to developers to see if they want to develop it into an online game.

Continue with describing the environment, so try to say how everything looks and how it feels like. Think also about the sound effects or music. When writing a game script, think also about the things that are going to happen and what decisions have to be made. Then, you can continue with writing a background of the world described in the game. This is very useful because game players have to know the type of story and to visualize the background and the world in which the action will take place.

Writing A Game Script Has To Describe Very Well A New World

The next step of the game script writing process is to create a flowchart for the game, sub quests, and describe characters, especially the main characters. Don't forget to describe the relationship of the non-characters to the world of the game. For the game script, you also have to write about the possibilities a player has when interacting with a non-character. Add to your game script cut scenes. They're short movies or animations that are included before or after several plots in the story. Such scenes are very important when writing a game script because they emphasize the story by giving certain details.

As you progress with your game script and story, give more details. Writing a game script means also that you have to not only write a story, but also to create a world of sounds, set the mood, tone, plot, subplots and other details that may be valuable in giving a sense of authenticity and intensity.

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